Student Testimonial: Samson Machete

The Metropolitan Collective Shapers initiative in Limpopo, in partnership with i3A, has left participating local farmers in excitement and ready to take on the agri business world with boldness!

Read the testimonial of Samson Machete, a Collective Shaper from Mankweng, whose peanut butter business will be the talk of the town.

“Good morning. On 15th of March 2022, we celebrated our graduation day. I received my certificate for the course we did on agri business planning, agri marketing, farm budget, agricultural management, pest and diseases, permaculture, soil fertility and plant nutrition. I am proudly holding that certificate now😁👌🏼!”

“Attending the course helped me express and execute my business idea of producing peanut butter. I am currently waiting for approval from the laboratory today, and I’m also waiting for product development intervention form the Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA) as well as their certificate of approval.”

“Mr. Lammie, our facilitator from i3A, helped me with my agri business planning. I didn’t know anything about business planning before attending this course. After my business plan presentation, everyone was interested in my peanut butter, so much so that some of the judges bought my products… Most of which I had not yet put a price on.”

I would like to thank Lammie, our facilitator, for helping to shape my life in agri business, despite my constant calls and texts to ask for help regarding my assessments. Thank you for helping me.

Lastly and most importantly, I would like to thank Metropolitan and i3A for bringing this program to Limpopo.”

Samson Machete, Metropolitan Collective Shapers Student

Samson Machete (bottom left), Metropolitan Collective Shapers Student
Photo credit: Metropolitan Collective Shapers