MSD Animal Health and i3A in collaboration to change the future of Animal Health Training in Africa

For the past decade, the International Agricultural Academy for Africa (i3A) focussed on building sustainable agricultural industry academic collaboration agreements. The objective of this is to provide practical industry related knowledge and skills to our students to ensure industry related information on production practices and products as part of our curriculums to our students in Africa.

During the 2021 academic year, i3A trained more than 800 agripreneurs and students in South Africa alone. Research on data collected from each of the rural farmers indicated that 30% of the rural livestock flocks or herds are dying because of a lack of knowledge on animal health, biosecurity and the wrong handling and application of medicines.

The i3A academy’s innovative and futuristic look into agricultural learning has acquired a new partner in the Animal Health and Practices Industry.

On the 24th of January 2022 a Memorandum of Understanding was signed with MSD Animal Health with the objective to establish a formal accredited MSD Animal Health Academy and to jointly develop practical Animal Health and Biosecurity Qualifications to the benefit of all farmers and students across the Africa continent.

Jacques van Rensburg – National Training Manager Ruminants, MSD Animal Health (on the left) and Johann Stassen, MD of i3A is shaking hands on the newly signed MOU, a formal Industry Academic Collaboration Agreement between the two companies.

The focus of the MSD Animal Health Academy will be on the training and capacitating of farmers and agricultural students to obtain the relevant industry knowledge on farm animal diseases, biosecurity and MSD products.

The academy is set to open and start registration and training of students at the beginning of the second semester in July 2022.

The academic content will be headed by the best MSD veterinarians as well as MSD technical sales staff who will assist and provide practical academic relevance in the curriculum content to students and farmers.

The International Agricultural Academy for Africa is set to being one of Africa’s reputable academic leaders in agricultural education and training and has been in the academic industry for 34 years, offering SAQA Accredited Qualifications to the SADC agricultural environment.

This collaboration agreement is one of the many ground-breaking partnerships that will be a game changer in the animal health- and private academic industry.