Agra and i3A Partnership is “Creating a Smart Namibia “

Agra Ltd is by far the leading agricultural retail industry role player and pillar of the agricultural community of Namibia since its inception in 1980 and has developed a vast network of branches over Namibia, some 4300 shareholders and more than 800 employees.

Agra is striving to remain the preferred destination for the Namibian farmer as well as non-farming retail and wholesale clients, by offering quality products at reasonable prices backed by trusted advice and excellent client service. During especially the 2021 financial year, Agra achieved the highest financial growth since its establishment and are proud to be a fully-fledged Namibian organisation.

Agra ProVision is the professional training division of Agra Limited, providing expert advice and support in various growth and development opportunities for employees in the form of internal training courses, study aid or external development opportunities. Agra has always been striving to remain dedicated to creating prosperity, improving quality of life by contributing towards the socioeconomic environment of Namibia, caring about the environment and building innovative and sustainable businesses.

The International Agricultural Academy for Africa (i3A) have been actively involved in providing e-learn agricultural qualifications to Namibians, since 2018. In January 2021, negotiations between the directors and board members of both Agra and i3A related to the establishment of a fully amalgamated Agra Agricultural Academy for Namibia (a3N).

The Agra Agricultural Academy for Namibia is currently offering a range of SAQA accredited National Certificates and National Diplomas to Namibian students and is in the process to obtain full accreditation for these qualifications also from the Namibian Qualifications Authority (NQA).

All qualifications are 100% applicable to the agricultural sector in Namibia and is constantly under review and further development of experts within the agricultural industry of South Africa and Namibia. Both academic teams from i3A and a3N are passionately driven to ensure industry collaboration in all academic modules.

All agricultural qualifications are offered online and are based on an entry and exit strategy. This implies that the completion of a lower qualification immediately gives access to a higher qualification. For example, the NQF 2 Certificate gives access to NQF 3, that again give access to the NQF 4 Certificate that is equal to Grade 12. The NQF 4 Certificate contributes almost 50% of the credits on technical modules towards the Diploma on NQF 5. Again, the Certificate in Advanced Farm Management on NQF 5, contributes 50% to the National Diploma on NQF 5.

Scholars as from Grade 10 may also enrol for a qualification and the NQF 4 Certificate is specifically aligned to Grade 12. This means that a matriculant with an NQF 4 Certificate, can enrol to complete a Diploma in Agriculture, within 1-year after leaving school.

​The online registration process is so easy that we have never experienced a student finding it difficult to enrol. The learning support for a qualification is based on competent advice and sympathy towards the specific situation of the distance learning student.

The application process is risk and cost free. Students make the first contact through the “Apply” link on the website, from where the online application is submitted, assessed, and the formal registration process follows. ​

A qualification is obtained through the submission of online assignments that forms part of a logic sequence of specific outcomes and assessment criteria to be studied. It is expected from students to demonstrate competence in assignments, through submitting an own understanding and interpretation of the study content, within the rules of authenticity and plagiarism.
As part of the training contract, it is expected of the student to identify and arrange a practical workplace and mentor for the duration of the training. Such a workplace can be a commercial farm where the farm owner or manager is engaged as mentor. The student under guidance of the mentor will complete a practical logbook for submission as part of the final Portfolio of Evidence, or PoE. Agra Provision will play a huge part to assist students in the placement for practical training.

The very first Namibian International Agriculture Academy for Africa graduation took place on Friday 26 March 2021 in Windhoek. The five graduates each received their National Diploma in Animal Production, a NQF level 5 qualification. During their studies, students were equipped with focused knowledge and skills in primary agricultural animal production. During this time, students specialised in small stock management (sheep and goats) or large stock (cattle) management. Additional course content was included to ensure students were exposed to the latest industry developments. The diploma too two years to complete.

Students who received their National Diplomas can pursue careers in farming or farm management or move into the consumer sales world as agricultural product representative, or they can develop themselves professional into one of the other agricultural options available in Namibia and beyond.

“I believe that education is key to my success as a farmer and I have found a true partner in Agra” – Richardo Cloete: Graduate and farmer who was employed full time by the Agra Livestock Department in Mariental, after his graduation.​

Applications for the July 2022 semester is now open until 30 June 2022. Students who feel that they have wasted a full academic year at other universities and colleges are encouraged to rather stay in Namibia and continue their studies online through the Agra Agricultural Academy for Namibia. ​

How much does it cost?​
Agra is aware of the current challenging economic situation in Namibia, and therefore priced all qualifications accordingly. The cost of a 2-year National Diploma for example is N$ 46 800, or N$ 23 400 per annum. This is payable through a registration fee of only N$ 1 950, and the payment a monthly debit order of N$ 2 100.00. The same arrangement is applicable for the second year of studies. Once the Covid-19 pandemic have settled, Agra will be looking in opening u full time agricultural campus at their premises at Agra Hyper, Industria Street, Windhoek.

Enquiries can be directed by sending an email to info@Namibia.i3a.Africa, or through visiting the a3N website at www.Namibia.i3a.Africa

Interested farmers can also enquire at the Agra ProVision office, Agra Hyper, Industria Street, Windhoek. ​