Previously known as The Umnga Farmers Training Group (Est 1989), the International
Agricultural Academy for Africa (Pty) Ltd was established in 2015 as a direct
response to the growing poverty and critical skills shortage in the agricultural
sector in Africa.


The leading source of innovative impact-driven agricultural training solutions on the African continent.

Our Values

Partnerships – we believe in the power of collaboration and have created an extensive partnership programme within South Africa.
Diversity – we believe that the success of our company is firmly rooted in our diversity.
Growing leaders – this is the foundation of our interaction with students, communities, service providers, clients and funders.
Transparency and accountability – we are honest about our business, pricing, limitations and our observations and advice to our clients.
Transference and applicability – transferring learning and insights to the work environment is as important to us as programme content.
Positive environmental stewardship – as an academic institution, we remain committed to the promotion of environmental sustainability.

International Agricultural Academy for Africa Commitment

  • We will provide trained facilitators with ethical values who are passionate about improving the lives of everyone who participates in our programmes.
  • We will offer cost-effective solutions to individuals, communities and companies.
  • We will provide relevant and solution-based learning material that will support and enable individuals, communities and companies to prosper.


48977 National Certificate: Mixed Farming Systems 2
48976 National Certificate: Animal Production 2
48975 National Certificate: Plant Production 2
49048 National Certificate: Animal Production 3
49052 National Certificate: Plant Production 3
48979 National Certificate: Animal Production 4
49009 National Certificate: Plant Production 4
14854 National Certificate: Agric Sales & Services 4
49011 National Diploma: Animal Production 5
49010 National Diploma: Plant Production 5
59550 National Certificate: Agricultural Extension 6
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