“You’re in good hands!”

With over 25 years’ experience in agricultural training,
we continue to have a positive impact on the lives of students, farmers and farm-workers in southern Africa.

Our Leadership Team

HANS T. HEINZE (Ret. Brig Gen)
Managing Director

Hans is an experienced retired military leader with a strong and proven track record in Leadership Development, training, Planning and logistic support. In 2011 Hans established Garcias for Africa, a privately-owned personal development company specialising in practical and effective leadership for youth and people working in the agricultural sector.

Director: Academics

An Agricultural Economist and commercial farmer with more than 30 years’ experience in agricultural training and development. Johann spearheaded Agri-pedia – i3A’s e-learning system.

Manager: Training Services

An Animal Scientist and lecturer with experience in livestock production, Ezelle holds a B.Sc Agriculture and is a qualified Assessor.

Manager: Research and Development

National Diploma in Agriculture and B-Tech in Agricultural Management, with experience as a student mentor. Manages i3A’s Schools Programme.

Academic Advisory Committee

Our Educational Advisory Panel, consisting of experts from various tertiary institutions, industries, and leaders in social and leadership development, was established to ensure that our training and services meet the highest standard in agricultural practices. Many of the panellists also serve as Associate Lecturers for i3A.

PhD, professor in disaster management

Prof. Jordaan is an agricultural economist with more than 16 years’ experience as an extension officer. He worked as a commercial farmer for 20 years and served as an agricultural advisor to emerging farmers and large-scale agricultural development projects in SA and other African countries.

PhD, professor in animal sciences

Prof. du Toit is one of the most senior and experienced animal scientists in the world today, being still active as a lecturer after more than 50 years. His scientific career started in 1963 at the University of the Free State. He is fluent in several European and African languages and he is also the publisher and co-publisher of more than 100 scientific articles.

Hons, B Com, Bed(Hons), Med, D Ed, HOD.

Willem is a passionate professional Educator with 58 years of experience in the industry. His speciality lies in teaching Adult Learners at tertiary level in Managerial, Financial, Economic, Education and Agricultural subjects.