A game-changer for agriculture

On the wide plains of the highlands of Mpumalanga lies the most beautiful farm, MOOIKRANS, where unique Agricultural training takes place. Students from all over the country and from Namibia and Botswana, enrol at Mooikrans to qualify them for their future in agriculture or equestrian sciences.

As part of the social support to students, the curriculum provides additional support such as literacy testing and feedback, mental wellbeing, individual emotional support and character development, within Christian principles. This model provides for a maximum of 30 students per year, which ensures intensive training and personal attention to each student. As part of the full-fledged development of young farmers, each student also earns additional certificates in first aid, survival and equestrian mastery.

Mooikrans agricultural industry-driven curriculum:

Considering the expectations of students and parents, the model offers a completely holistic and accredited agricultural curriculum developed by i3A (International Agricultural Academy for Africa) and presented on the Agri-pedia interactive E-learning platform – https://i3a.co.za/oplossings-vir-landbou-opleiding/ 

Qualified lecturers from the industry offer traditional lectures and practicals to students, while the surrounding commercial farmers in the district pass on their successful production and management knowledge to the students.  Part of i3A’s adopted strategy to help students to realise their potential in becoming successful farmers is through the Garcias for Africa Project – https://i3a.co.za/your-mental-wellbeing/

It is here at Mooikrans, with its historic buildings and infrastructure, surrounded by giant Eucalyptus trees and lush green lawns with ample infrastructure and space for a variety of agricultural activities, where Hans Heinze and Theda Shawe, spent 3 days with 23 students studying Agriculture, personally teaching and guiding them through the Garcias for Africa Programme, which forms part of their induction at i3A.

The students had a lot of fun being very interactive throughout. There were roleplay sessions, physical metaphor demonstrations, and at the end of day three, these 23 students amazed the facilitators and management with the insightful knowledge that they have gained through the Garcias for Africa Programme, by presenting self-prepared lectures in groups.

“I have noticed a big difference in the attitudes of the students who completed the Garcias for Africa training, versus those who have not”, said Elna Wahl, founder and owner of Mooikrans, after the completion on day 3 of the Garcias for Africa Programme.

It is clear from all the feedback that was received from Elna Wahl and her students, that the Garcias for Africa programme made a definite positive impact on the day-to-day lives of the students and management on the Mooikrans farm and their future lives, proving the International Agricultural Academy for Africa’s one of a kind approach to be effective, innovative and life-changing!

Here is some feedback from the students themselves:

“The programme has completely changed the way I look at the world and I feel the more people can be exposed to this wonderful message, the better we as students, as a nation and the world can work together”. – Luan du Plooy
“I wish I had known earlier in my life what I know now after this program – it would have made so many things and problems I experienced easier for me, and it would have been so valuable had I known how to solve those problems and I would have handled it so differently. I’m going to take what I have discovered as a result of this program with me for the rest of my life and tell others about it where possible”. – Stephan Viljoen
“The program gave me clarity about my thoughts and feelings. I was experiencing huge stress problems but today I understand where it all comes from and knowing that, will help me build up my ‘psychological immune system’”. – Johanni Erasmus